YTW Privacy Policy

We are dedicatedto safeguarding your privacy as a YTW website visitor. ThePrivacy Policy below explains how your personal informationis used.

Information We Collect

We may collect, use and store personal information (for future use) such as:

  • Information pertaining toyour PC, including your visits to our site, browsing habits, data access patterns etc. This includes your IP address, physical location, browser version and type, OS, referral source, visit duration, page views or clicks, and website navigation patterns)
  • Information pertaining to any transactions that take place between You and Us or on a related website, including information specific to service purchases - Information providedby you for registration purposes
  • Information providedby youwhen subscribing to website services such as email notifications or newsletters
  • Any information sent to us to avail a better service


A cookie has information that is sent by your web server to a designated web client. This information is stored by your browser for future use and is exchanged between the server and your PC when your browser needs to accessa page from the same server. Thislets the web server track and pinpointthe respective web browser.

We may need to use “session” and “persistent” cookies on Our website. Session cookies trace your website navigationpatterns. Persistent cookies allow us to recognise your unique web signature every time you visit us.

Session cookies are wiped off from your PC when you close your browser. Persistent cookies are stored on your PC until deleted manually, or until a specified expiry dateis reached.

Google Analytics are used to analyse how visitors access our website. Google Analytics containscertain statistical data and information about how the website is used, by storing cookieson your PC. All website-specific information that is collected as a result is used for reporting purposes so that we know how data is accessed from our website; please visit to view Google’s Privacy Policy.

From time to time,our customer support software might send you cookies as well.

Most browsers provide an option to turn down all cookies, while some browsers will let you toturn down third party cookies only. For instance, Internet Explorer allow you to reject cookies; click on Tools Internet Options Privacy, and select “Block all

cookies”. Blocking all cookies, however, will impact your browsing experience negatively as it may reduce the usability of website in general.

How User Personal Information is Used

Any personal information submitted through our website is used only for purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy or other relevant sections of our website.

For example, we might need to use any/all of your personal information under the following conditions:

  • Website administration
  • Personalising our website improve browsing experience
  • Enable you to better use our services on the website
  • Send invoices and statements to collect payments
  • Send you generic and non-marketing commercial correspondence
  • Send email notifications specifically requested by you
  • Send you newsletters and marketing correspondence related to our own business or hand-picked third parties which we think might interest you, that you have already agreed to via email;you can, however, always opt out of this correspondence
  • Supply statistical user information onlyto third parties–this information is not by any means used to identify you as an individual user
  • Deal with complaints and/or enquiries forwarded by you (or about you)in relation to the website and other uses.

Any information submitted to our site for publication may be publishedand/or useda way that is in line with what we have agreed to.


We may need to shareany/all your personal information with anyone that comes into direct contact with us such as employees, officers, suppliers, agents or subcontractors if required, for purposes outlined in ourPrivacy Policy.

We may share or reveal your personal information under the following conditions:

  • If required by the law to do so
  • In case of legal proceedings or any future legal proceedings
  • To exercise our legal rights, which also includessupplying others with information to prevent future cases of fraud or reduce credit risk
  • To any current or prospective buyer of business or asset to whom we are planning to sell to
  • And, to any individual who we believe may approach a court or other authority in a similar capacity for disclosure of that personal information; assuming such an authority or court may order said personal information to be shared.

With the above exceptions, we do not provide any of your personal information to third parties.

International Data Sharing

All information that is collectedmight need to be stored, processed and transferred between countries where we operate so that we can use the said information according to what is acceptable in our Privacy Policy.

Therefore, information provided by you may need to be transferredbetween countries where the data protection laws are unique or otherwise distinct from those of the European Economic Area.

In addition, personal information submitted by you on our website will be published online and may be available globally as a result. We cannot avoid any individual or parties from use (or misusing)any such information.

You explicitly agree to these personal informationtransfers

Personal Information Security

We take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent any personal information from being lost, misused or altered.

However, data transmittedonline is inherently insecure by nature; we cannot guarantee 100% data security at all times.

You take full responsibility for keeping your password and user details confidential. We will only ask for your password when you log on to our website.

You explicitly agree to these personal informationtransfers

Policy Changes

We may post newer versions of our Privacy Policy on our website as and when needed. You bear the responsibility of checking this page to ensure that all changes made are acceptable. You may also get notified of Privacy Policy changes via email

Your Rights as a Client

You can authorise us through email not to use any personal information for the purpose ofmarketing. In practice, you can agree ahead of time to let us share your personal information for the sake of marketing, or we may allow for a way to opt-out if you wish.

Third Party Websites

We do not take responsibility for the Privacy Policies or business practices of any/all third party websites.

Updating information

Please update us via email if your personal information needs any changes.

Contacting Us

To voice questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or how your personal information is treated/used, please write to us via email at