Terms & Policy

YTW”, also referred to as “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this section, is an independently operated entity.

The terms and conditions directly apply to users or potential users, also referred to as the “Client”, “You” and “Your”, who use the YTW platform to learn, train themselves through our online training programs. These terms dictate the relationship between you, the client, and YTW.

By using these services, you accept these Terms which form the basis of all transactions between YTW and you. If you are not in agreement with these Terms, please do not avail our services

You, the Client, have access to information on prospective candidates who have applied for coursesthrough their YTW Account.


YTW charges per course per candidate. We do not charge any additional or hidden fees either.

Our Fee is non-refundable/non-reversible once the course has started or your have accessed to the online class or study materials. the only exception being when we are in material breach of these terms.

Fees is to be paid upfront before the course is started. We issue an invoice once your request for service is accepted and the respective course is provided once funds in exchange for the service have cleared.

YTWhas rights to decide if/when to start the course before funds from your end have cleared. In the event that Fees do not come through and course has started, YTW may remove it and charge you the full outstanding amount.

Payment of Fees should are to be made in through bank transfer,World Pay. You can get a copy of all invoices by contacting YTW and providing the invoice details plus your account details.

No deduction or set off is applicable toany Fees outstanding. Overdue fees incurs interest by law as dictated by the Commercial Debts (Late Payment of Interest) Act 1998.

Fees do not include VAT or other applicable taxes.

DISCLAIMER: Your Training Web shall not be responsible for the communication of any fraudulent information relating to unauthorised activity, nor shall we be liable for any loss or damage incurred by any member of the public as a result of dealing with any entity which illegally solicits payments for fake services or other services which are not related to Your Training Web main activity of Providing online training.

Members of the public are hereby advised not to send/receive money to/from such scammers, as Your Training Web will have NO LIABILITY whatsoever for any and all losses/damages suffered by anyone who falls victim to such scams from fraudsters.
We Charge our candidates or customer for our service accepting or receiving payment only to company account with appropriate invoice and reliable payment platforms like world pay & PayPal. We do not take cash or payments in any personal accounts. Your Training Web Ltd hereby disclaims all such transactions, correspondence and messages and warns its customers and the general public to stay cautious.

Candidates and Customers are strongly advised to seek information/clarifications by contacting our business office directly and/or online through info@yourtrainingweb.net or call us directly to our customer service at 0330 1137378